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Through this blog we’ll keep you updated on the latest news and activities aroundBuzzShow. We are currently in our first ALPHA stage and this means we need your help and input to make BuzzShow better.

Please discuss with fellow members and the BuzzShow Team about ideas, problems, remarks and feature requests.

Thank all of you for your interest and support!

The BuzzShow Team

Announcing the Official BuzzShow Giveaway/Airdrop Campaign

April 17th, 2018 | Want to Comment? »




The BuzzShow team is putting up a giveaway program to reward our supportive community. The event would also present our new members who missed previous giveaways, the opportunity to receive some Goldies.

The campaign will be in different categories. Details below:

1. Twitter Loyalty Reward

Every month, we will be rewarding our community members on twitter whose tweets about BuzzShow emerge as the top mention. Decision will be made based on analytics drawn from the tweets. 200 tokens will be given to a single winner every month. In case of a tie, the tokens will be shared.

While we are just introducing this campaign, we will be announcing our community members whose tweets in previous months (January to March) fulfill the conditions for the reward.


- The tweet must have at least 2 of the following hashtags #Buzzshow #ETH #VideoSocialMediaNetwork

- Account must be real with at least 300 followers

- It is a must to follow @buzzshownetwork

2. Community Airdrop (Lasts for only 48 hours)

General information

Start date: At exactly 10:00 AM CET on 23rd April, 2018

End date: At exactly 10:00 AM CET on 25th April, 2018

Total Tokens to be distributed: 250,000 BuzzShow Goldies (equivalent of $62.5K at current value). The campaign will automatically stop once the token cap is reached.

Issuance of Tokens: 48 hours prior to the commencement of the Integrated Token Sale

To join the campaign, take the following steps:

Step 1: Join BuzzShow English Group on telegram (https://t.me/buzzshow)

Step 2: Complete the registration form in the pinned message.

Ensure you complete the registration form with your correct email address and ERC20 token wallet. Multiple entries and spam accounts will result in automatic disqualification.

Phase 1:

Duration: 10:00AM CET till 10:00PM CET on 23rd April (12 hours)

Available giveaway tokens per entry: 50 tokens

Phase 2:

Duration: 10:00PM CET on 23rd April till 10:00AM CET on 24th April, 2018 (12 hours)

Available giveaway tokens: 35 tokens

Phase 3:

Duration: 10:00AM CET on 24th April till 10:00AM CET on 25th April (24 hours)

Available giveaway tokens: 20 tokens

To be considered eligible, join our communities on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit (r/buzzshow).

We appreciate your continuous support. Good luck to everyone.

NOTE: The registration form will also be available in our telegram groups for other languages. While you are free to join any of the groups, we advise you to complete the form in just one of the groups. Multiple registrations will result in disqualification.

Join our community on:

Facebook Twitter Reddit Telegram

End of Initial Token Launch

April 4th, 2018 | Want to Comment? »

End of First Token Sale Launch: Summary and Future Outlook

End of Initial Token Sale Launch


The initial launch of the BuzzShow tokens ended on Wednesday, 4th April 2018 at 11:59 AM CET. The token launch was preceded by a pre-sale, which took place from 12th till 19th February 2018. Further details about the sale will be released soon.

Token distribution to all BuzzShow bounty and referral program participants will commence within 10 business days after the end of the initial token sale. The team is urging all bounty participants, especially in the logo, banner and signature campaigns to keep BuzzShow logos, banners and signatures in place till at least 3 days after the end of the token sale. This is to help the evaluation process.


What is Next?

1. Next in our roadmap will be the Integrated Alpha Release of the platform with the BuzzShow Tokens smart contract. This will provide a better user interface and management with the integration of the ethereum smart contract. In addition, the platform’s economics to enable interaction among all categories of users – the creators, curators, viewers, and validators – will be introduced. Consequently, the channel creation and user rankings feature will be enabled.

2. Following the alpha release will be the ongoing Integrated Main Token Sale which will involve the new BuzzShow platform. Further details about the launch, including the bonus structure as well as start and end dates, will be communicated soon.

3. The announcement of exchanges where BuzzShow tokens will be available for trading will be done according to the finalization of negotiation and the best moment to list the token as per our implementation roadmap of the BuzzShow project.

4. Creation of telegram community for non-English speakers: Telegram groups will be created in Spanish, Russian, Korean and Vietnamese among others.  This is to facilitate information dissemination and discussions about the BuzzShow project among our community members in various geographical locations where English is not the first language.


BuzzShow Rewards and Giveaway Programs

The team is declaring a reward program for our loyal community members. This is to appreciate their support in various categories. Detailed information about this program will be released on Monday, 9th April 2018. Keep following our social media channels to receive news about BuzzShow as it breaks.


Thank you for your support.


Facebook: https://facebook.com/buzzshownetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/buzzshownetwork

Telegram: https//t.me/buzzshow

BuzzShow Telegram Live Q&A Summary

March 1st, 2018 | Want to Comment? »

BuzzShow Telegram Live Q&A Summary


As a way of engaging with our community, we held our first Telegram live Question and Answer session on 24th February 2018. In attendance were Offer Kohen, BuzzShow founder, and other key team members.

Here is a summary of the discussion:


Community Member (CM): When will the BuzzShow app be in the games’ store for androids?

BuzzShow Team (BT): The Android app is already fully developed and tested by over 10K users in our closed alpha test which was by invite only. We will fully integrate the ERC20 tokens into the BuzzShow platform and will release all as per the roadmap after we complete the token sale launch.


CM:  How’s the result of pre-sale?

BT: We reached our goal to go over the soft cap of 250K; we actually did over 300K. BuzzShow is a utility token, for us as a team and as an overall idea of the crypto as a distributed economy, we decided we will not approach and be backed by just a few big funds or whales that will control the ecosystem and easily manipulate it.

What should be the most important questions at this point are: What is the state of the project? Is it just at the white paper stage or an already working product?

The BuzzShow team is working to ensure the success of the token sale and once we have finalized the first phase of the token launch we will shortly be available on the BuzzShow platform.

BuzzShow is a reward-based video social network, which takes care of the entire food chain. ALL users (creators, curators, viewers, moderators, and validators) are getting rewarded based on a Proof of Contribution Mechanism. In other words, each segment gets rewarded depending on the level of contribution.

We are already in discussions with several exchanges, we will be listed soon and the entire 93,000,000 BuzzShow Tokens (GLDY) will circulate into the market as we go.


CM: Will there be a live counter for ICO phase?

BT: The team is working towards that


CM: How do you intend to prevent copyright issues as YouTube does?

BT: We are looking into two ways that will solve this issue as well as solving issues like violence and offensive contents. BuzzShow is integrating into its ecosystem the moderating/validating system, where users according to their level of reputation gained in the community itself will be monitoring the contents. It is a self-regulating system, where the community has to be proactive. In a nutshell, any user can be a validator/moderator on the platform based on their reputation. Helping to regulate the platform will earn them more tokens.


CM: Have your team began discussing with exchanges for listing?

BT: We are working to get listed on exchanges as soon as after the ICO. Integrating the BuzzShow Token into the platform is the first phase we are already working on and we aim to release it as soon as possible. With the integration of the token, we will also make changes to the platform economics to allow all participants to be rewarded. Once the listing is finalized, we will make it public.


CM: Great! But I’m guessing you can’t reveal it until it is being announced by the exchange?

BT: You are right. We only can state that we will definitely be listed.


CM: If someone is proven to violate the copyright, will such person be banned directly?

BT: We are not sure about banning because is acceptable for one person might be unacceptable to another. We are looking at a consensus type of system for the moderation among other things.


CM: I want to know how BuzzShow is different from other competitors within the same space.

BT: To begin with, BuzzShow has been conceptualized and developed since 2014 with the integration of Goldies which is the utility token. This was at a time before the predominance of smart contracts as we have it now.  BuzzShow implements a full economic cycle involving creators, curators, viewers as well as support elements like moderators, validators, and developers.

It’s far from being a winner-takes-it-all idea which can have up to 90% share going to creators. BuzzShow will also utilize a proofing system to ensure everyone in the “food chain” receives commensurate rewards.

In addition, validation and moderation will be implemented to ensure rights protection and guide against the propagation of hate speech and abusive contents. The validators and moderators also get paid with Goldies. Finally, on this path, developers also earn Goldies for every feature and plugin added to the platform. So, it’s a full economic cycle which does not leave out advertisers as well.


BuzzShow main token sale commences on 5th March. Registration is open on https://buzzshow.com/tokensale. The BuzzShow referral program is also ongoing. You can earn 10tokens per referral and over 400 tokens in total.

Join our community on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

Ian Scarffe Joins BuzzShow

February 18th, 2018 | Want to Comment? »


The BuzzShow Network is happy to share with you the addition of Ian Scarffe to the team as BlockChain ICO Advisor and Consultant.

Ian Scarffe is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and consultant and his experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into every working aspect of an organization and the minds of millions of customers. He has co-founded a number of blockchain-related companies and also a member of several blockchain associations and advisory boards. In addition, he is an ambassador and advocate for a number of non-profit and humanitarian initiatives.

Ian’s credibility and professionalism in business earned him elective board positions in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, an institution for leading entrepreneurs with more than 10,000 members in 46 countries and a total sale of more than US$536 billion. He is focused on the blockchain industry and offers advisory, consulting services and connections to blockchain experts.

Ian is bringing his expertise to the forefront of BuzzShow’s campaign towards providing a truly reward-based video social media network. Welcome to BuzzShow, Mr. Scarffe!

For more updates, engage with our community on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Bitcointalk and Youtube.

BuzzShow Pre-ICO Update

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BuzzShow Pre-sale Update


The BuzzShow pre-ICO commences on Monday, 12th February 2018 by 12:00CET and will run till 11:59CET on Sunday, 18th February 2018.

Hard cap / Individual caps: A total of 93million Goldies will be available for sale throughout the pre-sale and ICO at 0.25USD per token. Minimum cap per individual is 100 tokens while the maximum number of tokens anyone can buy is 400,000 tokens.

Pre-Sale Bonus: 35%

Additional Bonus: 100tokens on every initial buy

Approved Cryptocurrencies:

Approved Cryptocurrencies for token purchase

NOTE: All token buys will be made on the ICO buy page. BuzzShow will never ask you to send cryptocurrencies to a wallet address outside the buy page.

To receive the tokens, you need to have an ETH ERC20 private wallet. Wallets by exchanges are not acceptable.

BuzzShow is revolutionizing the video social media network space with a decentralized approach. The BuzzShow platform has been alpha-tested and developed with the incorporation of the initial idea of a virtual currency as a utility. This is being integrated into the smart contract with a solid and sustainable economic logic in place. It is our intention to give users full control of their contents while ensuring absolute privacy and rewards for both curators and creators. For more details about the BuzzShow token sale, visit https://buzzshow.com/tokensale


Road Map

BuzzShow Road Map







Join our community across the following channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/buzzshownetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/buzzshow
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2801253